Over the years we have built a spectacular reputation on our ability to exceed all expectations. Our experience with design, marketing and communication, combined with a commitment to getting projects delivered on time and on budget is why our services have become favored by businesses of all scopes and sizes.


As designers and marketers, we understand how to design and produce effective print and collateral materials that communicate your business' unique identity in a compelling and eye-catching way. An ever-changing business world demands innovative designs, versatile solutions, expert marketing and committed professionals. Our expertise and passion offers you first-class service and the tools you need to accomplish your goals.



Since its inception, the Internet has offered seemingly limitless opportunity and with advancements in mobile devices, the possibilities continue to grow everyday. We understand that every business has its own unique needs, so every user interface we design is unique.


We'll work with you from beginning to end — from defining your site or application's detailed scope and functionality to ensuring that the finished product loads quickly, is cross-browser compatible (visually consistent across the major operating systems and web browsers), and is optimized for maximum search engine visibility.


An excellent first impression is the key to success in our fast-moving world. We are vigilant and proudly design sites and applications that contain simple, clear navigation, are layed out in a way that will peak the user's interest, and will ultimately take your business to exciting new heights.


Simply defined, custom publishing is the delivery of targeted editorial content with a goal of improving brand perception, increasing brand loyalty, and influencing or improving the decision making processes of your consumers.


Custom publishing is the perfect marriage of your companies marketing and the information needs of your target consumer audience.


Customized content is growing at an exponential rate. Recent research has shown that traditional advertising vehicles do not capture or command the interest of the consumer as they did in the past. Even mainstream media channels are being transformed into custom media.


We have a wealth of experience designing and publishing content for both custom and traditional magazine titles with national audiences. We know what it takes to produce quality-printed and digital content that will inspire and emotionally engage your consumers.


Content marketing, at its core, is about building meaningful relationships and establishing trust with your client base. It's not just a means to an end; rather, it's an end unto itself. If your company makes this a central principle in its content marketing strategy, then all the other goals valued by marketers (better sales funnels, higher search rankings, etc.) will naturally and inevitably follow. Connected Minds excels in providing clients with the tools and talents to build these crucial relationships. Contact us today to discuss a custom strategy for your needs.


• art direction

• corporate branding

• logo design

• advertising

• menu design

• environmental signage

• brochures

• collateral marketing materials

• catalog design

• corporate identity

• point of purchase displays

• packaging

• newsletters

• trade show booth design

• posters

• annual reports

• invitations

• photo editing

• custom photography

• on site photo direction

• keynote and powerpoint slides

• consultation

• planning

• wireframing

• prototyping

• interactive brand development

• aesthetic web design

• CMS site development

• data migration

• usability analysis

• HTML email creation

• banner ads

• social media site integration

• social media management

• social media content creation

• web app development

• Google maps integration

• ecommerce and shopping carts

• GUI design for iOS and Android

• art direction

• layout and design

• design audits and redesigns

• photo editing

• production and proofing

• photo edits and color correction

• photo direction

• editorial staff collaboration

• personnel management

• writing/editing

• ad creation and placement

• CMS site development

• blog development/management

• content repurposing

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